Marion koopmans

What drives virologist Marion Koopmans?

Podcast about the professional and personal motivations of virologist Marion Koopmans

Prof. Marion Koopmans, Scientific director of the PDPC and head of the Department of Viroscience at Erasmus MC was interviewed for a Podcast by Leaders of Life Sciences about what drives her – both in her career and her private life.

Marion koopmans

An interview about the corona pandemic and the role of communication in it, among other things. We have come to the end of the pandemic and must now begin to see corona as part of the regular infectious diseases we already have and no longer give it that position of exception that it has necessarily had until now. What’s next: the virus remains and what does that now mean, for example, for our dealings with vulnerable people when you have an infection. How do you deal with respiratory infections in a diverse society with an ever-growing group of vulnerable people?

Also discussed during this podcast is the importance of generic interdisciplinary thinking – the basis for prepared thinking and the role of social scientists, for example, in this. For example, we at the PDPC are also looking at how we can communicate differently and better about what we do and also what we don’t know and how best to communicate with different audiences during a situation such as the past pandemic. What role do social media play in that, but also, for example, certain key figures in neighborhoods with high prestige.

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Date: April 13, 2023