Visit the “It’s About Time” exhibition at IABR

This week is national climate week. At Resilient Delta our main goal is to create futureproof deltas through research and collaboration across disciplines and institutions.

We believe that we need more than a wake-up call. We need solutions. Instead of just sketching a dark world view, real, hopeful possibilities of more radical courses towards a livable future are within our grasp.

One of the ways we aim to create a hopeful and sustainable Netherlands is through our involvement in Redesigning Deltas. This inter-disciplinary project focusses on identifying and understanding adaptive pathways to a sustainable and inclusive delta where water management is integrated into planning and design, and vice versa.

Want to learn more? Visit the exhibition of the Redesigning Deltas design study “It’s About Time” at the Architecture Biennale Rotterdam. Here you’ll find the designs of five teams who delivered manifests centered around a new approach on how to live in harmony with the ever rising sea level.

Visit the exhibition “It’s About Time” until November 13th.
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