Post Doc Engineering to facilitate robotic co-design with nurses

Health & Technology
Convergence Health & Technology
Erasmus MC
Posting date
March 14, 2024
Closing date
March 25, 2024
Duration of position
2 years

Postdoc in Engineering to facilitate robotic co-design with nurses

Sustainable healthcare is challenged by mounting staff shortages for nurses. Nursing work practices may benefit from innovation in organisational practices, work design, and technological advancements, for example robotic capabilities. Yet robotic capabilities are not a ‘silver bullet’ for boosting job satisfaction and elevating patient care quality. Too many prototypes remain unused or underutilised, and their impact on nursing work is only assessed in hindsight.

To address this challenge, a Convergence-funded project led by Monique van Dijk (Erasmus MC), Iris Wallenburg (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and David Abbink (TU Delft) will aim to shape the future of nursing work, with and for nurses. The project will foster deep collaboration between hospital nurses and a team of 5 postdocs (an engineer, designer, nursing scientist, organizational scientist, and a work and organizational psychologist), supervised by a larger group of scholars, innovators (Create4CareRoboHouse), transdisciplinary experts (FRAIM) and other nursing practitioners.

This postdoc position will explore the emerging robotic capabilities towards comprehending the utility and potential impact of existing and novel robot-integrated nursing practices. We are curious to learn how robotics can act as a catalyst in transdisciplinary research and innovation – and which design sensitivities this requires. Additionally, we aim to identify which design frameworks are useful to shape robotic capabilities that perform in real-world settings, considering their form and capabilities in relation to their contexts. We are also interested in pinpointing design methodologies that prove valuable in conducting future-oriented interventionist research collaboratively with researchers from diverse disciplines.

You will be employed by Erasmus MC and co-supervised by David Abbink from Delft University of Technology (embedded in the Cognitive Robotics Department).