Postdoctoral position in Public Health Behaviour & Policy

Postdoctoral position in Public Health Behaviour & Policy


We are looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher in Public Health Behaviour Research (0.8 – 1.0 FTE) The Pandemic & Disaster Preparedness Centre (PDPC), initiated by the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Erasmus Medical Centre, and the Delft University of Technology, is looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher with a passion for science-policy collaboration at the crossroads of behavioural sciences and public health

Job description

Erasmus MC, TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam have joined forces in the Pandemic and Disaster Preparedness Center (PDPC). The PDPC aims to prepare society for future pandemics and disasters by carrying out research on how to build resilience through effective disaster prevention, preparedness and recovery measures. Convergence of the technical, medical and social sciences is essential for developing the next generation of approaches to disasters and pandemics. In the foreseeable future, our society can expect many more and unforeseen virus outbreaks and extreme events because of climate change. But how do we protect society from the next pandemic or disaster? Which of the lessons learnt could help develop prevention and intervention measures, and how could research contribute to preparedness?

The PDPC is based on the unique combination of world-renowned expertise on infectious diseases, climate research, research into floods and other water-related emergencies, empirical sociology, and crisis management. One of the Centre’s components is the PDPC Academy, which engages in knowledge transfer and education, has an academic workplace for short-term research projects, and carries out research on targeted interventions.

We are looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher to strengthen the PDPC Academy team. In this team, you will have a key role in conducting behavioural research aimed at improving pandemic preparedness, with a specific focus on underserved groups and interdisciplinary policy advising.
As a Postdoctoral Researcher you will:

  • Design, conduct and coordinate high-quality research;
  • Analyse research data, and interpret the findings into concrete insights and advice for policy and practice;
  • Prepare reports, and present findings at conferences and in publications;
  • Based on your research results, you proactively seek connections and collaboration with other research projects;
  • Advise project leaders on behavioral research and transfer your knowledge to colleagues and relevant stakeholders;
  • Collaborate with other members of the research team and contribute to their projects when necessary;
  • Participate in the development of grant proposals;
  • Assist in the supervision of graduate students.

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Date: 3 july, 2023