Enhancing the liveability and management of the urban space in Rotterdam

Municipality of Rotterdam and convergence partners Erasmus University Rotterdam and Delft University of Technology team up to enhance the liveability and management of the urban space in Rotterdam

The Municipality of Rotterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), and the Delft University of Technology (TUD) have initiated a new collaboration centred around the topics of liveability and smart asset management. The project, called “Urban Intelligence for Liveability and Asset Management“, aims to improve the liveability of outdoor urban spaces and spans 2.5 years. The key idea is to leverage AI and urban data analytics to develop new strategies for increasing the city’s liveability while considering asset maintenance costs. At the heart of the collaboration lies the Municipality of Rotterdam’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life for its citizens and addressing the structural challenges in asset management stemming from, inter alia, climate change, changing population demographics and urbanisation trends.

The meeting brought together representatives from each institution to map out a course towards achieving the ambitious goals. Tommie and Eline from the municipality of Rotterdam highlighted collaborations within liveability and outdoor space, advocating for alignment between initiatives like Stadslab and public space management. Eline shared the latest insights from a report based on lab surveys across neighbourhoods. Tommie suggested optimising maintenance planning within the city, which was well received. Francisco and Sander from TU Delft’s CityAI lab presented research on urban space perception, offering a glimpse into their research at the intersection of human behaviour and AI. Rommert and Dennis from Erasmus University discussed their research on house prices, neighbourhood dynamics, and policy interventions, setting the stage for further exploration.

Up next is a mini-conference focusing on public space perception at ‘the Rotterdam,’ scheduled for June 26th.