Thom Bogaard joined the PDPC Board

Thom Bogaard, who is recently appointed as professor in Hydrology and Geomorphology, joined the PDPC board on behalf of TU Delft.

Medical Director Anja Schreijer of the PDPC is pleased with the arrival of Thom Bogaard. “Thom will make a valuable contribution with his knowledge and experience to the mission of the PDPC to be better prepared for disasters and pandemics in an interdisciplinary way. “ Thom’s predecessor Bas Jonkman will remain involved as a strategic advisor to the PDPC.

Thom has a background in hydrology of landslides, Regional Landslide Early Warning Systems and innovative hydrological monitoring techniques. Over the years, Thom has worked on the interfaces between water resources management, hydrology and earth surface processes, where biotic and abiotic environments meet. An example of such research is the long-term effectiveness of nature-based solutions, which are planned and implemented as adaptive strategies to climate and land use changes. He has a strong focus on interdisciplinary work. Thom: “In my career, I have actively looked for research and focused my teaching across boundaries and beyond the hydrology. It is here that I find my inspiration and feel the energy. I believe that scientific progress takes place and societal problems are solved with the inter- and multidisciplinary.”

Therefore, Thom looks forward to the collaboration within the Pandemic and Disaster Preparedness Center (PDPC). Within PDPC, as academic lead of TU Delft he aims to facilitate and instigate collaboration between EUR, Erasmus MC and TUDelft and all other partners. Thom: “Hazards will keep on influencing society, especially as not all pathways to a hazard are that well-known. Together with many colleagues, I aim to contribute to societal preparedness for future large disrupting hazards such as floods, heat waves, pandemics and cascading effects such as technological and logistical failures. Clearly, this includes preparedness of emergency response for during and after the hazard. I believe that with such preparedness, a hazard does not have to develop into a disaster.”

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