Jennifer Kockx

TU Delft

Programme Manager

Jennifer has been involved in Convergence since 2020. First as academic liaison for the Convergence for Health & Technology, and since January 2021 as executive secretary of the whole Convergence Alliance and head of the newly established Convergence Office.

Previously, she has been working for 10 years for the TU Delft as program director of TU Delft Global Initiative and manager of the department of Bionanoscience, as well as for NWO and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. She has a PhD in physics.

Her aim as program manager is to, together with the leads, the support team and stakeholders, really get the mission of Healthy Start done: ‘Pioneering solutions for complex societal challenges for young people from -1 to 21 through co-creation between excellent cross-disciplinary science, practical knowledge and application in society.’