Sustainable Health Programs

Open call for sustainable programs.

Do you want to contribute to the sustainability of health(care)? Join us to keep the population healthy, reduce the ecological footprint of healthcare and ensure long-term sustainability of care! 

Erasmus MC has invited Convergence Health and Technology to shape the hereby presented Sustainable Health Program Call. This call will support ambitious transdisciplinary research and innovation programs, led by front-running convergence (young) researchers, that target major challenges in Sustainable Health(care) in line with our joint mission to:

  • Keep the population for at least five years longer in good health: prevention using technology and/or AI
  • Reduce the impact of hospital care on our living environment: the ecological footprint of healthcare.
  • Ensure long-term sustainability of care: deployment of staff and their well-being supported by technology and/or AI for more efficient and effective care.

What are the rules to apply?

  • Early career researchers are explicitly targeted  
  • Representation from three institutes Delft University of Technology, Erasmus MC and Erasmus University (led by Erasmus MC) 
  • Your consortium consists of at least 6 scientific staff members and is diverse in terms of discipline, research age and background 

This is what you can expect:

  • A maximum of €200,000 per program for a period of four years 
  • Three Sustainable Health Programs will be selected 
  • External matching is required for the same amount (minimal of €200.000 per year)

Video pitch

Click the button below to see the video pitch by Stefan Sleijfer, President of the Executive Board:

We are facing major challenges in healthcare, such as increasing demand for care with a tight labour market and limited resources. Only together we can solve these challenges.

Stefan Sleijfer

Erasmus MC

Chairman Executive Board and Dean Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences