Soft Launch Centre Responsible AI in Health Care Research Community

The Responsible AI in Health Care research community within Convergence got together for the (soft) launch of its centre!

Researchers from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus MC and TU Delft gathered in the Wereldmuseum to strengthen this convergence community, and to shape the direction of the centre. 

AI is transforming healthcare. We need it to improve the quality and efficiency of our health care system, but we can only do so if standards of care are maintained.

It is crucial that AI systems are trustworthy, reliable, explainable, and fair, and that responsibilities are clear. We can only realize these much-needed AI systems if we combine expertise and have different disciplines working together.

The Convergence Centre for Responsible AI in Health Care links the expertise of the universities and its different research communities to foster innovation, and to advance AI technology towards a more trustworthy domain.

The soft launch was a great opportunity to strengthening the community, and for the scientific directors Evert Stamhuis, Michel van Genderen and Stefan Buijsman to gather input to further shape the direction of the centre.

A big thank you to our speakers Diederik Gommers, Evert Stamhuis, Jeroen van den Hoven and Helma Torkamaan for sharing their work, and to all those that contribute to this community!