Mission & Vision

Resilient Delta’s mission is to design resilience solutions in the Rotterdam delta for implementation around the globe. Our aim is to develop an integrated approach to address the major societal issues increasingly confronting the Rotterdam region, such as rising sea levels, poverty and inequality, air pollution, population density and major technological changes.

Resilient Delta aims to be a pioneer in designing solutions to the pressing societal issues related to the major transitions of our time. The convergence between the institutions involved, with their close physical proximity and complementary expertise, will allow for long-term resilience solutions for the challenges of the delta.

Through interdisciplinary research and co-creation, we will together design practical, applicable and scalable resilience solutions, including policies, technologies, business models and methodologies that will address the concrete societal issues that are prevalent in urban deltas. Leaders in the humanities and in the hard and soft sciences are coming together at physical co-creation locations in Rotterdam and Delft to conduct research, to design solutions and to develop new educational programmes to educate the next generation of professionals. In doing this, we are improving the resilience of the Rotterdam delta while also boosting the earning capacity of the Netherlands.