PDPC Contributes to International Pandemic Sciences Conference 2024

On 1 and 2 July, PDPC medical director Dr. Anja Schreijer and Dr. Elke Wynberg attended the International Pandemic Sciences Conference 2024 in Oxford. The conference aimed to address the most pressing challenges in pandemic sciences and offered talks by world-renowned experts and presentations ranging from vaccine development and therapeutics, to research ethics and public health policy.

It was therefore a very suitable conference to present two central pieces of work by PDPC. Dr. Anja Schreijer delivered a presentation on “How to prepare for the next pandemic? A call for a framework for integrated advice” which was enthusiastically received and resulted in many fruitful and lively conversations with other conference delegates. Dr. Elke Wynberg presented a modelling study on “Estimating the effect of the South African travel ban in November 2021 on the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron outbreak in the Netherlands” which highlighted why critically reflecting on key moments during the COVID-19 pandemic can help us improve the ways in which we approach pandemic decision-making in the future. Outside of the conference, there was also ample opportunity to connect with current and potential colleagues.

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