Partnership with the municipalities of Rotterdam and Delft: with and for the city

On November 15th, the municipalities of Rotterdam and Delft, TU Delft, Erasmus MC and Erasmus University Rotterdam signed a declaration of intent to jointly tackle the societal challenges that metropolitan areas are faced with. Using a demand-driven approach, with and for the city, they aim to be better equipped for opportunities that arise. Thus, accelerating the quest for concrete solutions. And by doing so, contribute to a better living environment for the region’s citizens. 

It’s an ambition that is shared with the municipalities. The combined expertise of the three Convergence partners allows the municipalities to get a better handle on problems caused by, for example, the climate crisis, energy transition, unequal opportunities, digitalisation and pressure on healthcare. Problems that are more acute and dire in metropolitan areas, such as Rotterdam and Delft. 

Rotterdam – Delft region a ‘living’ lab for metropolitan problems 

Because of its location in a delta area, its specific demographics, and the presence of port and industry, the Rotterdam – Delft region is a ‘living lab’ for research on solutions and applications that benefit society. A joint team will be set up to facilitate the collaboration between the Convergence partners and the municipalities. In the coming period, two themes will be leading: unequal opportunities and the energy transition/climate change. 

The team will collaborate in all phases: from problem definition to concrete plan of action. The municipalities and institutions will also collaborate, for example, when applying for funding. The municipalities and institutions look forward to a sustainable collaboration to address complex issues that metropolitan areas are confronted with.


The agreement was signed by mayors Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam and Marja van Bijsterveldt of Delft and board chairs Tim van der Hagen of TU Delft, prof.dr. Stefan Sleijfer of Erasmus MC and prof.dr. Ed Brinksma of EUR. Also present were Rotterdam councillors Faouzi Achbar, Said Kasmi, Robert Simons and Tim Versnel, and Delft councillors Joëlle Gooijer and Maaike Zwart.