Public Health

The Public Health Pillar stands for translational research. Our researchers seek connections in the policy, practice and research triangle.

Dr. Anja Schreijer is the medical director of the PDPC and leader of the Public Health pillar. During the Covid-19 crisis, she was on the front line as an OMT member and head of infectious diseases at the Amsterdam Municipal Health Service. In her career, she looks for ways to ensure public health across the full spectrum of health care.

To make an impact, you have to connect fundamental research to society

Anja Schreijer


Medical Director

‘To make an impact, you have to connect fundamental research to society,’ Schreijer says. To this end, she works with stakeholders such as the Municipal Health Service and Schiphol Airport. ‘Future-proof policy to me means an interdisciplinary, applicable and evidence-based policy. You do that by working together with practitioners and researchers.’

For that collaboration, scientists need to step out of their silos. According to Schreijer, that is where the strength of the PDPC lies: ‘I dream of a new generation of researchers, policymakers and professionals who can all work together to provide their pieces of the puzzle to make our society more resilient.’

Being the linking pin

Medical director Anja Schreijer talks about her role within the PDPC. She explains the importance of linking research and society: ‘Translational research forms the bridge between fundamental research on the one hand, and policy, practice and education on the other.’