Officially opened: Datahub

Last Thursday, the new Convergence Square resident Datahub opened its doors. The goal of the Datahub is to make data-driven care scalable and clinically applicable while maintaining the human touch. Dean Stefan Sleijfer and Ronnie van Diemen, Director of Curative Care at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, jointly performed the opening. 

The Datahub is a collaboration of the Adult ICU (ICV), the Sophia ICUs, Erasmus MC’s IT department (the Research Suite) and TU Delft. It brings expertise together on the journey to establishing the hospital of the future. A characteristic feature is the real-time element: we can continuously use data to reduce the registration burden, solve staff shortages and improve patient care.

Real convergence

Stefan is enthusiastic: “I think the Datahub is great. This is the place where technology meets patient-related questions with hopefully also social science aspects. This is what it’s all about. This is convergence. Wonderful work!

Internist-intensivist Michel van Genderen is one of the initiators. Michel: ‘Smart algorithms are everywhere in our daily lives, just think of the Albert Heijn app, search results in Google and navigation systems. From that point of view, it is confronting that only a handful of data-driven solutions are being implemented in healthcare.’

This is convergence! Wonderful work!

Stefan Sleijfer

Erasmus MC

Chairman Executive Board and Dean Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences


According to Michel, the corona crisis made it clear that data is essential to the care process. Michel: ‘The crisis has allowed us to collectively build a data foundation at an accelerated pace, giving us even better insight into disease states and processes. This enables us to run smart algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, continuously. Now we want to move on. We want to connect more data and bring it to the patient’s bedside. For example, think of a traffic light system that keeps track of whether a patient is stable or needs acute care.’

In the Adult ICU we are working on further implementing data in the clinic. Michel: ‘Together with the Sophia ICs we are trying to shape and expand this further. IC 2.0 is the largest project within the Datahub to date. In the past 2 years we have gained a lot of experience with this together with the IT department. We want to share our knowledge and implement it in other departments. In this way we hope to help colleagues with implementation, but also with regard to laws and regulations and ethical issues.

More about Datahub

The Datahub was officially and symbolically opened on Thursday by Dean Stefan Sleijfer and Ronnie van Diemen, Director General of Curative Care at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. You will find the Datahub in the Convergence Square in building Ba, room 414. Come brainstorm over a cup of coffee! More info:

Please watch the opening movie below.