Online lessons for primary education about mental health and the brain

What is happening inside my head?

Clinical psychologists of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) together with Openbare Basisschool De Tandem and EUR Studio created an online lesson series on mental health and the brain for primary school children. The goal is to teach the children more about mental health and at the same time teach them about the wonderful world of science.

The lesson series (in Dutch) consists of three online and free lessons of half an hour about the themes: being scared & the brain, food & movement, and concentration. These themes are being researched at the department of Clinical Psychology at EUR. The lesson series is meant for primary school children from groups 6-8. The children will learn more about mental health and what the brain can do in an accessible way. The lessons are very interactive and include exercises for preparing and closing the lessons, so teachers can get started quickly.

Other scientists can use the lessons as an introduction or when they visit a class, or use the ‘manual for scientists’ to make a lesson about their own research.

The online lesson series was financed as a Healthy Start Sprint-project and by the Department of Psychology, Education and Child Studies.

The team of clinical psychologists that is involved with this online lesson series, consists of: Anita Harrewijn, Hanan El Marroun, Linda Dekker, Minita Franzen, Pauline Jansen, Reshmi Marhe and Yvette Grootjans. Johan Ong, Miriam Fuselier and Roy Jansen of EUR Studio made the videos and Johan Nijdam the website.