Pre-call voor Flagship programma’s

The ‘Convergence Health & Technology Flagship programs’ will be ambitious collaborative research and innovation programs, led by front-running convergence research clusters, that will give shape to (at least one of) the four central convergence themes, and thereby target major breakthroughs in health and science.

The Flagship program aligns with the Convergence Health & Technology mission. The Flagship program includes scientific ambitions, together with a five-year research strategy in which a range of research questions are addressed. The envisaged results of the program have the potential for a significant contribution to healthcare or scientific impact which can have long-term societal impact.

Together, TU Delft, Erasmus MC and Erasmus University Rotterdam have what it takes to become a global leader in Health & Technology Convergence, shaping the future of health and healthcare in a transformative way. Moreover, Rotterdam and Delft offer an excellent ecosystem for health-tech research, innovation and economic activity. By truly converging our complementary expertise, we will be able to create a vibrant hub of over 30,000 researchers, students, clinicians and entrepreneurs, working together to improve health and societal participation for all.

In our joint mission, we aim for:

  • Life-long health, from pre-birth to end of life
  • Socio-economic equality in health(care)
  • Prevention and early diagnostics to proactively maintain health
  • Individual-tailored precise medical treatment for all

Do you want to be a part of Convergence of Health & Technology with a Flagship program?

You can download the Pre-call for Flagship Programs explainer and the updated application form below:

> Pre-call explainer
> Application form
> Q&A document

Submission deadline:
November 1st 2021 at 12.00h