New report: towards a resilient healthcare system

Researchers from the Erasmus University, Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, released a report on resilient healthcare systems. 

From the start of the corona pandemic, researchers from Erasmus University shadowed the healthcare crisis organization. This week they released their final report: ‘Naar een veerkrachtig zorgsysteem: Lessen uit de pandemie’, in Dutch. PDPC researcher Roland Bal collaborated on this report, which builds on an earlier interim report, a symposium, and several international publications.

Collection of essays

‘Naar een veerkrachtig zorgsysteem: Lessen uit de pandemie’ is a collection of essays in which the researchers reflect on what the pandemic has taught us about a resilient healthcare system and what lessons we can draw for the Dutch healthcare system. The essays discuss the role of healthcare professionals and patient representatives, how cooperation within healthcare came about, and the role of timing. 

Among other things, the researchers conclude that a resilient care system cannot be “organized” but that the conditions for resilient responses can be addressed. Resilient care has no quick fix. It requires a long and layered approach, and a reflexive and learning attitude on the part of those involved.

You can download the report here.