The Hour (‘Het Uur’) with virologist Marion Koopmans

The Hour (‘Het Uur’) with virologist Marion Koopmans

A podcast from the NRC with PDPC initiator and scientific director Prof. Marion Koopmans

“The last three years feel like a rollercoaster. Deploying everything you know and actually more than that.

To be better prepared for new pandemics and disasters in the future, it is important to reflect on what we have experienced, what are we going to do with the experience of the past years? What knowledge do we want to try to strengthen for the future? What do you need to organize now, to be able to do certain things better in the future?

With the PDPC I would like to establish a stable institute, a knowledge institute that incorporates that complexity and multidisciplinarity that we need in disasters and pandemics. A nice running dynamic “beehive” for collaboration and thinking about the future.”

Listen to the podcast: (in Dutch)

Source: NRC

Date: 19 December 2022