Meet the team | Lena and Eveline

In this interview series the research team members of the Flagship Personalized, Real-Time Health Impact of Climate Change and Pollution introduce themselves and their research. They talk about their role in the project, what a typical day looks like, how to collaborate in interdisciplinary research, the impact of this Flagship on our society, and much more. This interview features Lena Fasching, PhD candidate at TU Delft and Eveline de Geus, postdoctoral researcher at ErasmusMC.

Lena Fasching

Before Lena joined TU Delft, she studied general chemistry at the University of Vienna, and gained experience in developing (bio-)sensors for selective detection of a variety of chemicals and biomolecules. Lena is a PhD student in Dr. Alina Rwei’s research group and her current research aims to develop a wearable sensor capable of continuously and simultaneously detecting specific biomarkers and metabolites to monitor a patient’s immunological state. Through this research, we hope to identify patients’ responses to environmental pollutants and acquire vital data for preventing diseases that arise from them.

Eveline de Geus

Eveline is an expert in mucosal immunology. After research projects focusing on avian respiratory immunity at Utrecht University, vaccine development at ErasmusMC, and type I interferon signalling in intestinal inflammation at the Hudson Institute, Melbourne, Australia, she now joined the ErasmusMC. Working with dr Wim Dik and dr Bing Thio, her research aims to identify biomarkers in non-invasively collected biofluids obtained from normal and inflamed skin. Ultimately, this research will aid in developing personalized wearable sensors.

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