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Masterclass ‘Van Ethische AI naar Beleid’

How do you include ethics in the entire AI process, from design to implementation? Erasmus University Rotterdam is organizing a master class on Ethics in AI on May 25, 2023.

Topic of the masterclass.

AI brings not only a lot of benefits but also potential risks. Among other things, the use of AI can lead to discrimination, a lack of human control and inexplicable outcomes. These types of ethical risks must be clear and overcome in advance.

In this master class, you will gain the following insights and tools:

– What ethical principles should guide the development and use of AI?
– How can we ensure that AI systems are transparent and auditable?
– How can we prevent AI from perpetuating existing biases and discrimination?
– What are the potential social impacts of AI and how can we mitigate negative impacts?
– How can we ensure that AI is developed and deployed in a way that is inclusive and equitable?
– How can we ensure that AI is developed and used in a way that respects privacy and data protection?
– How can we ensure that AI is used in a way that is consistent with human rights and ethical standards?
– How can we increase public awareness and understanding of AI and its ethical implications?

This program is organized by the AI, Data & Digitalization – Convergence, (in collaboration with Erasmus MC, Erasmus University Rotterdam, TU Delft and Leiden University) which focuses on the complementarity of technical sciences with humanities.

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