Keynote speaker Dr. Andrew Fuligni on ‘experimenting youth’

How do we give the next generation a promising start? Within Healthy Start, we explore the early origins of disparities in health and well-being based on a transdisciplinary collaboration. Together we bridge the gap between science and practice and address current social problems through our six ambition projects. Healthy Start is the community with and for researchers, practice partners, policy makers and interested parties. On March 9, we are organizing a new event: Healthy Start | Ambition Day.

Participants and external speakers will engage with each other to further develop our six ambition projects. One of the keynote speakers is Dr. Andrew Fuligni, well-established Michigan-based researcher with a large body of research in developmental psychology in his portfolio that focuses on the mental well-being of youth. “It is not enough to focus on youth mental health only at the crisis level. We need to use what we’ve learned about adolescent cognitive and social development to support young people even earlier.” concludes Dr. Andrew Fuligni.

Dr. Adrew Fuligni, keynote speaker at Ambition Day, 9 March

Let young people experiment in healthy ways
Youth have a desire to experiment and explore the world. If this can be managed in a healthy way, it will contribute to their overall well-being. Dr. Fuligni cites examples such as sports, extracurricular activities and being a member of a club. Other factors that contribute to young people’s well-being include; the ability to contribute to others, a healthy relationship with parents/other caring adults and – what we all know somewhere but apparently underestimate – sufficient sleep. Dr. Funligni’s research therefore dovetails perfectly with the ambition projects within Healthy Start, which he will talk more about during Healthy Start | Ambition Day.

Together we will bridge the gap between science and practice and build on our inspiring sandpits from last year. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn for the latest developments within our ambition projects and who else will be speaking at our Healthy Start | Ambition Day! Would you also like to broaden your view and be able to look beyond the walls of your research field? Sign up and discover the research world anew!

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