Jeannette de Boer to join PDPC as Head of Education

Jeannette de Boer will join the Pandemic and Disaster Preparedness Center (PDPC) on September 1, 2022. As Head of Education for the PDPC Academy, she will be shaping and expanding education within the PDPC Academy. Jeannette (1964) is a physician in Society and Health and brings a wealth of experience as an educator.

Jeannette is leaving the NSPOH. She has worked there since 2003, first as a trainer and later as a training manager. Jeannette is also associated with the Centre for Disease Control of the RIVM. For the ECDC (European Centre of Disease Control) she is, among other things, the Dutch Focal Point for Training in Infectious Disease Control.

PDPC Academy

Jeannette will be the Head of Education. Education at the PDPC Academy is for researchers and master’s students working on a thesis regarding a topic in pandemic or disaster preparedness. The students receive training and guidance from the PDPC, in addition to their own education.

Several forms of education are being explored, such as interdisciplinary case-based learning. Jeannette will also investigate the possibilities of offering different types of post-academic knowledge transfer.

Good hands

Marion Koopmans, Scientific Director PDPC: ‘I am delighted that Jeannette is joining the PDPC. She brings a wealth of experience as an educator in Public Health and knows the ropes. With her in charge, education at the PDPC Academy is in good hands.’

Anja Schreijer, Medical Director PDPC: ‘There is a tough, interesting challenge ahead at the PDPC Academy. But Jeannette is well versed as an educator and content expert in public health, so I am convinced she will put the PDPC Academy on the map. That is important because we must embed knowledge on preparedness for pandemics and water and climate-related threats that are irreversibly upon us.’


Jeannette brings with her a wealth of experience as an educator in public health and knows the ropes.

Marion Koopmans

Erasmus MC

Scientific Director

I am convinced Jeannette will put the PDPC Academy on the map.

Anja Schreijer


Medical Director