Introducing: the Front Office

Are you a researcher within Convergence? Then, you will probably be in contact with Ella Bal or Charlotte Nijhoff at some point. ‘We are the first point of contact.’

Ella and Charlotte can be reached online every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and often in real life at Convergence Square in Erasmus MC’s Ba building. Together, they make up the Front Office, which aims to support the Convergence Health & Technology Ecosystem.

To streamline information provision, a number of frequently asked questions have already been answered on the Convergence website under contact and information. This webpage provides practical information about Health & Technology’s research projects, communication information, and how to find and book spaces at Convergence Square.

Do you have another question? The Front Office is ready for you at


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If you have any questions about Convergence Health & Technology, please get in touch with us.