Impact driven education: Local to Global

Healthy Start researchers are not just active in research, but also within education. In the course ‘Local to Global’ students do research, supported by societal partners, on the consequences of global challenges (such as social inequality and climate change) for local communities – children, youth and parents in Rotterdam.

In this video Lysanne te Brinke (Academic Lead ambition project Youth participation and involvement and researcher at Erasmus University of Rotterdam) shares her experiences with impact driven education. For this project she received a Healthy Start Sprint subsidy.

For the next course (October-December) it is still possible for societal partners to participate. Are you interested? Contact:

*This project was made possible by, amongst others, Katie Barry, Canan Mesutoglu, Sophie Sweijen, Ethell-Marjorie Dubois, Erasmus Verbindt, Tijmen Verbrugh, HefHouse, ErasmusX, Stichting Move, Woonstad Rotterdam, Stichting Werkshop and Indigo.

Video: Arend Verbrugh (Eagle Vysion)