Ambition: youth participation and involvement

Increase involvement and participation of unheard youth in society Although more and more initiatives are being developed to shape the social and political participation of young people, it is becoming increasingly clear that large groups of young people still need to be reached. We aim to make the voice of -all- youth heard, in order to reduce inequality and optimize policy. To this end, we investigate what works best – and why – to actively involve underrepresented youth (i.e., youth from vocational tracks, youth from low-ses backgrounds and neighborhoods) in youth participation projects. We work transdisciplinary and are focused on changing the participation of unheard youth.
Through co-creation with youth and societal partners, we develop new participation instruments in which participation is accessible and attractive. These instruments can be directly translated into interventions to optimize young people’s opportunities and improve societal participation.

Ambition project in a nutshell

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Ambition core team

The core team of ambition project youth participation and involvement exists out of the following team members:
Eveline Crone (EUR), Lysanne te Brinke (EUR), Milène Gonçalves (TUD), Jeroen van der Waal (EUR), Arwin van Buuren (EUR), Ester Rozendaal (EUR), Yentl Liewma (Gemeente Rotterdam) and Bianca Boenders (You!ng)
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