Ambition: Pediatric hospital of the future

Working together to develop innovative solutions for affordable pediatric care of higher qualityHealth care for young patients and their caretakers can, and must, be improved. The urging shortages of medical supplies and staff, mainly nurses, in combination with the increasing demand for specialized care, call for improvement and redesign of current healthcare organizations and the hospital.

Which care can be provided close to home instead of in the hospital? How can health care be targeted and personalized? How can we reduce the duration of hospital admissions? How do we embed new technologies in healthcare systems? In what ways can we improve the hospital experience for young patients and their caretakers, but also for medical staff?

Healthy Start will focus on innovative solutions to guarantee the future of health care for young patients, through interdisciplinary collaboration between medical-, technical- and social scientists.

Through co-creation, we aim to develop strategies to optimize capacity and provide high-quality care for children and their parents as close to home as possible. For any questions about this ambition, or if you want to participate, don’t hesitate to contact Vincent Jaddoe.

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