Ambition: Mental well-being of youth

Improve mental health and resilience of children and adolescents
We aim to identify and create optimal conditions for a mentally resilient generation, to improve early detection of mental health using technology and to create early interventions and preventive solutions to improve resilience. For this project, we will foster close collaborations between science, youth (mental) healthcare, schools and policy makers.

Ambition project in a nutshell

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Ambition core team

The core team of ambition project mental well-being of youth exists out of the following team members:
Danielle Remmerswaal (EUR), Yara Toenders (EUR), Ruth van der Hallen (EUR), Michelle Achterberg (EUR), Anita Harrewijn (EUR), Ryan Muetzel (EMC), Wanda Tempelaar (EMC), Mieke van der Bijl (TUD), Neeltje van der Bedem (NJI), Carolina Figuera (TUD) and Eveline Crone (EUR)

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