Healthy Start ServiceLab | Innovating healthcare services through experience-centric codesign

Project category: HS4Society

Main applicant: Fernando Secomandi (TUD)
Team: Tanja A.J. Houweling (Erasmus MC), Mijke P. Lambregtse-van den Berg (Erasmus MC), Frans Annot (STBN/, Michel Beerens and Roland van Roijen (NewMedia Centre Media Lab, TU Delft), Lara Nettesheim (TU Delft)
Partners: STBN/, NewMedia Centre


In this project, we will create a proof of concept (PoC) of the Healthy Start ServiceLab, a laboratory for innovating healthcare services through experience-centric codesign. By leveraging cutting-edge media technologies and state-of-the-art codesign methodologies, the ServiceLab PoC will (1) support the development of a new risk screening tool to improve expectant families’ access to healthcare and (2) demonstrate the value of such a laboratory for participatory healthcare innovation involving relevant stakeholders, such as expectant families and care professionals. The ServiceLab PoC is an interdisciplinary collaboration based on expertise in service codesign methodologies, represented by the TU Delft, data-driven initiatives in public health, represented by the Erasmus MC, digitally enabled personal health programs for expecting mothers, represented by STBN/, and new media technologies, represented by TU Delft’s NewMedia Centre.

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