Ambition: Digital empowerment of children’s physical activity

Improve quality of life and life expectancy of chronically ill children by improving active living and healthy lifestyle In this ambition project, we will investigate how an intervention using smart technology (e.g., wearables, apps) may offer new opportunities to monitor and stimulate daily physical activity of children with chronic diseases in a home-based context. Also, we explore and assess how we can successfully use technology to empower and assure not only the children with a chronic disease themselves, but also their families and wider environment. Ultimately, we aim to build a smart digital platform that will facilitate children with chronic disease and their parents to achieve an active lifestyle.

Ambition project in a nutshell

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Ambition core team

Arend van Deutekom (Erasmus MC), Annabel Vreeker (EUR), Renske Keizer (EUR), Maaike Kleinsmann (TUD), Madelon Bronner (Erasmus MC), Kim Boltjes (TUD), Yara van Kerkhof (Erasmus MC) and Hidde Hardon (Erasmus MC)

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