HS Sprint project: ‘(Re)Searching a Healthy Start’

An Educational Podcast Project
Project lead: Jana Vietze (EUR)
Team: Maria Luce Lupetti (TUD), Dik van Gent (Erasmus MC)


The (Re)Searching a Healthy Start project has two objectives: to increase the visibility of outstanding research and diverse researchers and societal partners of the Healthy Start community and to create innovative educational materials (podcast episodes) that are openly accessible and can be easily implemented in higher education curricula. To meet these objectives, the interdisciplinary project team will facilitate the recording and implementation of three podcast episodes, covering core ambitions of Healthy Start, and following the structure of the existing educational (Re)Searching Diversity Podcast. In each episode, one researcher and one societal partner will discuss their PAST (i.e., challenges they encountered on their path into their current profession), the PRESENT (i.e., a written piece that has recently inspired them in their work), and the FUTURE (i.e., their hopes and ambitions for the future of their field). Finally, the podcast episodes will be implemented in existing higher education curricula of the Healthy Start consortium partners (Erasmus University, TU Delft, Erasmus MC).

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