HS Sprint project: ‘Online lesson series on mental well-being’

Project lead: Anita Harrewijn (EUR)
Partners: Wetenschapsknooppunt, Openbare Basisschool De Tandem
Team: Hanan El Marroun (Erasmus MC), Jorien Swank (Openbare Basisschool De Tandem), Eloïse Swets (Wetenschapsknooppunt EUR)


The goal of this project is to co-create an online lesson series about mental well-being for elementary school students (group 6-8). This lesson series will teach them about mental health and the brain, and bring them in contact with research(ers). The lesson series will be made freely available online to make sure that it is accessible for everybody. The lesson series will consist of two lessons of 30 minutes: one about anxiety and one about ADHD/autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Additionally, other researchers can use this lesson series as the basis for their own outreach activities.

More information about this project

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