HS Sprint project: ‘Never Mind’

A theater production on mental health and social inequality made by and for youth
Project lead: Kayla Green (EUR)
Partners: Stichting Me & Society, Erasmus Verbindt
Team: Yara Toenders, (EUR), Lysanne te Brinke (EUR), Eveline Crone (EUR), Wanda Tempelaar (Erasmus MC), Max Wagenaar and Florian Wijker (Erasmus Verbindt), Mahmoud Chavoushi (Stichting Me & Society)


Today’s generation of young people are facing global challenges, such as mental health issues and growing social inequality. With the present project we aim to transfer scientific knowledge about these societal themes via an theater production which will be developed with and for youth. After the performance, there will be a dialogue session to talk about lived experiences regarding mental health and social inequality. During these dialogue session we will conduct qualitative and quantitative research to explore whether young people have the feeling that the theater performance and dialogue session have contributed to the feeling of being heard, have contributed to the normalization of talking about your personal experiences within these themes, and empowerment.

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