HS Sprint project: ‘Local to Global’

From a transdisciplinary elective to a Healthy Start minor
Project lead: Lysanne te Brinke, assistant professor & healthy start fellow (EUR)
Partners: Erasmus Verbindt, De Social Hub
Team: Martine Baars (EUR), Katie Barry (TUD), Florian Wijker en Max Wagenaar (Erasmus Verbindt), Justus Koopmann (De Social Hub, TUD)


Whilst the 21st century has advanced our capabilities in many ways, that too brings with it many societal challenges, such as social inequality, immigration, and global warming. These global challenges impact local communities, such as children, adolescents, and parents in Rotterdam. During the transdisciplinary elective “Local to Global”, bachelor students will explore societal issues of the 21st century and collaborate with academic supervisors and societal stakeholders to create realistic and feasible solutions to prevent/alleviate these issues for a specific community. With this Healthy Start-ers fund, we aim to 1) integrate the six Healthy Start ambitions with the existing Local to Global elective, and 2) transform this elective into a Healthy Start minor.

More information about this project

Do you have questions about this project or do you want more information? Please contact Lysanne te Brinke.