HS Sprint project:
‘Wearables in Pediatrics’

Validation of physical activity and vital parameter data for health monitoring in children
Project lead: H.J. Hardon (EMC)
Partners: Hexoskin (Carré Technologies Inc.)
Team:A.S. Moerdijk (EMC), B. Bartelds (EMC), L.E.M. van den Berg (EMC), Eline van der Kruk (TUD), Marc Paquin (Hexoskin (Carré Technologies Inc.))


Wearables can provide ambulant measurements of vital parameters and physical activity, which can aid in promoting healthy lifestyle adaptations. Compared to conventional care, wearables offer distinct advantages by enabling continuous monitoring at home, while ensuring comfort for users. In the pediatric population, however, validity of these measurements is not yet well established. Therefore, our goal is to validate two wearables (wristband and ECG shirt) against standard measurements in children. Ultimately, this will enable reliable ambulant monitoring and support lifestyle interventions.

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