HS Sprint project:
‘Smoke-Free start’

Implementing financial incentives for parental smoking cessation
Project lead: Linda van der Spek (EMC)
Partners: Trimbos Institute
Team: Leonieke Breunis (EMC), Hans van Kippersluis (EUR), Niek Mouter (TUD), Tessa Scheffers-van Schayck (Trimbos Institute)


A healthy start is a smoke-free start. Offering financial incentives is a novel and highly effective approach to help (expectant) parents quit smoking. As part of a wider project to facilitate implementation in the Dutch setting, we will set up a policy lab, assembling policy makers, end-users and other stakeholders. Participants will help develop a strategy to implement incentives into the Dutch Smoke-Free Parents program. The strategy will be disseminated to policy makers through a policy brief and explanatory video.

More information about this project

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