HS Sprint project:
‘Music’s Mental Toolbox’

Project lead: Julian Schaap
Partners: Cult North Rotterdam, Popunie Rotterdam
Team: Cynthia Liem (TUD), Robbert Goverts (EUR), Nadia van Vuuren (EUR), Mitchell Samson (Cult North Rotterdam), Martin Scheijgrond (Popunie Rotterdam)


This project explores music’s role towards well-being and societal engagement among young people in Rotterdam. In focus groups we initially explore music’s impact on participants’ wellbeing and engagement. This is followed by a public Music Talks event, in collaboration with Popunie and Cult North. The generated insights culminate in a co-created, social-mediafriendly audiovisual handbook – ‘Music’s Mental Toolbox’ – providing practical guidance on music, well-being, and engagement, tailored to Rotterdam’s youth but with direct relevance for adolescents and young adults more broadly.

More information about this project

Do you have questions about this project or do you want to receive more information? Please contact the main applicant of this project: Julian Schaap.