HS Sprint project: ‘Health, economic, and equity impact of early-life-interventions in the Netherlands’

Project lead: Jasper Been (EMC)
Partners: University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam, Tilburg University
Team: Kees Ahaus (EUR), Anna Custers (University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam), Anne Gielen (EUR), Marike Knoef (Tilburg University), Eric Steegers (EMC)


Early-life interventions carry the largest potential for improving long-term health,
opportunity, and equity. We will establish a transdisciplinary consortium with health sciences, policy and management, and economics expertise that will deliver a common research agenda, initiate projects addressing key aspects of this agenda and apply for grants to support its goals and ambitions. Our agenda will focus on identification and impact assessment of existing early-life interventions, development and testing of novel interventions, and development of an overall impact assessment model.

More information about this project

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