HS Sprint project:
‘Cradled in Safety’

family-friendly monitoring of neonatal sepsis risk
Project lead: Josephine Wagenaar (EMC)
Partners: Bambi Belt B.V.
Team: Niek Achten (EMC), Kim Boltjes (TUD), Fabio Bambang Oetomo (Bambi Belt B.V.), Justien Dingelstad (EUR), Maaike Kleinsmann (TUD)


New life is fragile. While every newborn is at risk for a life-threatening bacterial infection (sepsis), some carry particular risk. Currently, those newborns require careful monitoring using cabled monitoring devices attached to the skin and/or repetitive medical examinations, interfering with normal parent-child life after birth. This project explores the feasibility, usability and acceptability of using an innovative non-invasive wireless device (Bambi-Belt) to monitor their vital signs without medicalizing or disturbing family life, while ensuring appropriate treatment and protection from sepsis.

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