HS Sprint project: ‘AI-based Digital Health Assistants for Preventive Youth Care’

Project lead: Caroline Figueroa (TU Delft)
Partners: Gro-Up Youth Work
Team: Joao Goncalves (EUR), Freya de Keyzer (EUR), Amy van Grieken (EMC), Danielle Remmerswaal (EUR), Kathleen Guan (TUD), Eva Thalassinou (Gro-Up Youth Work), Niko Vegt (EUR, TUD), Michael Klenk (TUD), Crystal Smit (EUR), Kayla Green (EUR)


Youth from marginalized backgrounds are at a 3-5x higher risk of mental health
problems. Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots may serve as personalized support for their development and social participation. However, there is a lack of knowledge on co-creating AI-based mental health interventions for and with this population. We will co-create an ethically legitimate LLM prototype digital health assistant that can support youth in healthy behaviors and essential skills, and provide crucial knowledge on Inclusive Human-Centric AI for youth mental health.

More information about this project

Do you have questions about this project or do you want to receive more information? Please contact the main applicant of this project: Caroline Figueroa.