HS Sprint project: ‘Developing insights through Virtual Reality’

Project lead: Ilse van de Groep (EUR)
Partners: De Nieuwe Kans (DNK)
Team: Jasmijn Verhage (iHUB ZORG BV (De Nieuwe Kans (DNK), Reshmi Marhe (EUR), Helma Tormakaan (TUD)


Over the past few years, the multimodal intervention De Nieuwe Kans (DNK) in Rotterdam for multi-problem young adults has proven successful in helping them tackle issues like a lack of income, debts, addiction, trauma, criminal history, disturbed daily structure, behavior problems and insufficient housing. However, given that a large part of these young adults has a mild intellectual disability, it may be beneficial to adapt the cognitive behavior therapy-based trainings for this sub-population by introducing Virtual Reality (VR) components to the trainings. As such, the trainings will be better suited to the specific needs of young adults with a mild intellectual disability – allowing them to learn by experience, which is both required and more effective to promote persistent behavioral change. Therefore, the current project, performed by DNK, in collaboration with researchers from the EUR and TU Delft, aims to clarify the practice-based research question of how to properly integrate VR in the DNK program to optimize and personalize treatment for multi-problem young adults.

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