HS Sprint project:
‘Designing for impact’

Strengthening partnerships along the first 1000 days to improve risk screening
Project lead: Tanja Houweling (EMC)
Partners: Gemeente Rotterdam
Team: Fernando Secomandi & Lara. Nettesheim (TUD), Mijke Lambregtse – van den Berg (Erasmus MC), Rina Stoorvogel (Impactpunt, Gemeente Rotterdam)


Our Healthy Starters Fund project aims to contribute to prevention in the first 1000 days of life. It will do so by contributing to the development of an easy-to-administer online risk screening tool that can be used by professionals across domains, across different phases in the first 1000 days of life to timely identify (future) parents and children in vulnerable circumstances, and, in consultation with the parents, guide them to preventive interventions that meet their needs. The Healthy Starters Fund project piggybacks on a larger project (‘Making Big Data Meaningful for a Promising Start’) in which CBS and Perined data (pregnancy and birth outcomes) are used to develop the risk screening tool. Specifically, through this Healthy Starters Fund, we will be able to incorporate data and stakeholders from the Youth Health Care Services -a vital partner for improving prevention in the first 1000 days- in the tool development.

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