HS Sprint project: ‘Breaking Barriers’

Co-creation Lab empowering Forensic Young Adults and Psychology Master’s Students towards Innovative Research
Project lead: Reshmi Marhe (EUR)
Partners: KU Leuven
Team: Eric Rassin (EUR), Josanne van Dongen (EUR), Irena Boskovic (EUR), Melissa de Roos (EUR), Lore Mergaerts (KUL), Willem- Paul Brinkman (TUD)


Internships should provide students with meaningful and inclusive research opportunities. In this education project we aim to innovate the Forensic and Legal Psychology (FLP) Master specialization program (EUR) by introducing a transdisciplinary co-creation lab. With this lab, we offer students, treatment staff and young clients (18-27 years old) in forensic and addiction treatment settings the opportunity to collaborate on research topics, by means of focus groups and interviews. Based on the input of all participants, clear research ideas will be formed, on which the students of the FLP program will work as part of their research internship. This collaborative approach ensures that students, staff and clients are engaged in formulating research questions that are relevant for the clinical practice. By bridging the gap between academia and real-world challenges, we are fostering a dynamic learning environment in which students gain new perspectives and develop innovative ways of understanding the field.

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