Play it, Move it, Improve it

Main applicant: Madelon Bronner (EMC)
Team: Arend van Deutekom (EMC), Tabitha Zanen (EMC), Erwin Ista (EMC), Jos Kraal (TUD), Maaike Kleinsmann (TUD), Sylvie Bernaerts (Thomas More University of
Applied Sciences), Joep Janssen (Holomoves)
Partners: Thomas More University of Applied Sciences, Holomoves


Towards a novel approach for physical therapy at the children’s hospital: integrating Mixed Reality makes physical therapy more engaging and enjoyable. What? Hospitalized children are less active and mobile. Immobility during hospital stay is associated with various negative outcomes. Physical therapy helps these children to maintain and regain physical function, and contributes to their recovery and quality of life. How? In this feasibility study we assess if MR can be a successful add-on for physical therapy in critically ill children.

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