Healthy Start PhD: ‘Smart technology to empower children with a chronic disease to have a more active lifestyle’

Do you have fresh ideas on how technology can empower children with chronic diseases to be more active in daily life? Then this job opening is for you!

An active childhood is crucial for long-term health. This is especially true for children with a chronic disease, as regular physical activity improves overall health and prevents many complications of their disease. Unfortunately, many children with chronic diseases are insufficiently active. Within this PhD project, we aim to design and build an evidence-based smart digital platform that will facilitate children with chronic diseases to achieve an active lifestyle. For instance, you will collaborate with Erasmus University, ErasmusMC, and Delft Technical University and investigate how a product-service-system (intervention) using smart technologies (e.g., wearables, apps) may offer new opportunities to monitor and stimulate the daily physical activity of children with chronic diseases in a home-based context.

Do you want to empower children with chronic diseases to be more active in daily life, safely and with confidence? Do you see how technology can enable these children and their families to become more active? Then, apply for this position!

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