Healthy Start Conference: Improving the future for new generations

Healthy Start is an initiative in which science and society collaborate to tackle complex challenges for a healthy start. The scientific convergence between TU Delft, Erasmus MC and Erasmus University Rotterdam aims to collaborate across disciplines and with societal stakeholders in order to achieve this goal.

During the Healthy Start conference, we will identify the most important challenges for Healthy Start and discuss which collaborations could address these. The plenary part of the conference will be livestreamed. During this part, invited Healthy Start experts from TU Delft (professor Maaike Kleinsmann), Erasmus MC (professor Eric Steegers), Erasmus University Rotterdam (professor Loes Keijsers), and society (Ernest van der Kwast) will pitch their perspective on Healthy Start. Afterwards, the leads of Healthy Start (professor Eveline Crone, professor Maaike Kleinsmann, and professor Vincent Jaddoe) will present the Healthy Start proposition, its ambition, and how everyone could contribute to it in the future. Board members professor Ed Brinksma (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and professor Tim van der Hagen (TU Delft) will be presented with a visual summary of the day.

You’re welcome to join our livestream on November 9th, from 3pm to 4.45pm via EUR Webinar. Please note that the leading language will be Dutch.