Open Call

Erasmus MC has invited Convergence Health and Technology to shape the hereby presented Sustainable Health Program Call. This call will support ambitious transdisciplinary research and innovation programs, led by front-running convergence (young) researchers, that target major challenges in Sustainable Health(care) in line with our joint mission to:

  • Keep the population for at least five years longer in good health: prevention using technology and/or AI
  • Reduce the impact of hospital care on our living environment: the ecological footprint of healthcare.
  • Ensure long-term sustainability of care: deployment of staff and their well-being supported by technology and/or AI for more efficient and effective care.
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Sustainable Health

Healthcare is facing unprecedented challenges. The demand for care is increasing enormously due to the aging population. In 2040, one third of the Dutch working population would have to work in healthcare if we did not change the way healthcare is provided. At the same time, the climate impact of healthcare is already substantial: 7% of Dutch emissions, for example, come from healthcare. The increasing diversity of the population means that healthcare workers have to deal with an increasingly multiform perception of illness and health and associated expectations of care.

Questions that arise from this are, for example, how we can mitigate the impact of healthcare on the climate, but also how we keep healthcare sustainable and accessible. How can we continue to offer high-quality and accessible care with fewer healthcare workers? What are methods of controlling healthcare costs?

Open Call

Via the open ‘Sustainable Health Program call 2023’, we intend to expand the existing initiatives within Convergence Health & Technology with focus on Sustainable Health(care). The aim this call is to further develop the Convergence Health & Technology scientific programs and, in doing so, to further develop and strengthen the scientific Convergence Health & Technology community within the TU Delft, Erasmus MC and Erasmus University Rotterdam with focus on Sustainable Healthcare.

Sustainable Healthcare Programs

Download the call text


  • April 7th 2023                       Call for Proposals published
  • May 17th 2023                       Deadline for submitting short-stage proposal (1 page) Sustainable Health Programs
  • May 31th 2023                       Pre-selection/ranking by Management Board
  • June 7th 2023                        Invitation to submit full proposal Sustainable Health Programs
  • September 11th 2023           Deadline for submitting full proposals Sustainable Health Program
  • September 12th 2023 –       Review process by jury
    Oktober 3rd  2023
  • End of Oktober 2023            Approximate start of awarded programs


Two-stage submission procedure

Short-stage pre-proposal
The submission deadline for the short-stage proposals:
May 17th, 2023, 18:00 hrs.

Full proposal
The submission deadline for the invited full Sustainable Health Programs
September 11th, 2023, 13:00 hrs.

Proposals that are sent in later than the submission deadlines will not be processed. Also, proposals cannot be altered after the submission deadline. You can however at any moment decide to withdraw your proposal.

Submission deadline Full proposal September 11th 2023


Is something missing? Or are there some things you would like to check before submitting your potential next Health & Technology project? The Front Office is available for all related research questions, feel free to contact us!

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