Digital Twin

A digital lifecycle platform

We will lay the foundations for a more proactive and personalised whole-life approach to health and healthcare.


The future of health and healthcare is a more proactive and personalized whole-life approach. Personalization will result in improved accuracy of diagnosis, optimized treatments, and minimal side-effects, leading to enhanced resilience, faster resumption of daily life activities, and a more extended period of healthy and active living. A transition from reactivity to proactivity will empower and motivate citizens to participate in their health actively.

This is key to improving health and quality of life, reducing the burden on the health care system, and addressing socioeconomic inequalities in health.

About Digital Twin

In this video RĂ©gine Steegers-Theunissen explains the Digital Twin concept.

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We are a team of researchers from diverse disciplines involved in transdisciplinary collaborations with the aim to revolutionize healthcare.

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