At Convergence Health & Technology, we form novel frameworks that foster scientific discovery and technological innovation. Our research projects ask for transdisciplinary collaboration, are bottom-up and focus on early-career researchers as well as established principal investigators. Scroll through our past, present and future research projects here.

Flagship Programs

More than 250 scientists work within the Flagship Programs to make our healthcare system future-proof. Topics range from imaging, transplantation, lifestyle and neuro medicine, but all scientists are working on making healthcare more efficient, sustainable, affordable and accessible for everyone. The Flagships will run for five years (starting in 2022) and are expected to operate independently after the Convergence-funded period ends. The scope of these research programs is enormous; in addition to the Convergence Health & Technology funding, the Flagships raised 34 million euros from private and public partners.


H&T Consortia

Health & Technology is everywhere, consequently several projects and initiatives already practice Convergence in various stages. This section shows a selection of initiatives who recognise the added value of transdisciplinary research. They work together on Health & Technology-related topics between the different institutes and contribute to our overarching ambitions and scientific community.



Open Mind Projects

The Open Mind projects were the first official Health & Technology projects. Within the Open Mind projects early and mid-career researchers performed transdisciplinary research in a relatively short time span, from September 2021 to January 2022. The enthousiasm of converging disciplines was evident through the 124 submitted plans, of which 27 projects were selected. Some of these projects, sprouted from the accessible Open Mind Call, were later on incorporated within Flagship programs. You can find a selection of the 27 projects below.


Impulse Programme

Prior to the launch of Convergence, out of responsibility as leading social organisations with a scientific position in the internationally recognised world top, Erasmus MC and TU Delft have explored opportunities for structural cooperation. As a kickstart to this cooperation, the Impulse Programme was set up.

A group of 72 scientists, including 34 specially hired convergence postdocs z n started working on 17 transdisciplinary programmes in June 2020 within the following research themes:

  • Smart Instruments & Interventions and Augmenting Humans
  • Deep Imaging
  • Digital Twin
  • Syn-Cell for health(care)
  • Ethics

Read about a selection of these projects below

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