TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus MC are joining forces and integrating knowledge, expertise and methodology. Through convergence, we form novel frameworks that foster scientific discovery and technological innovation.

Mission to shape the future of health(care)

TU Delft, Erasmus MC and EUR have the mission to shape the future of health(care) in a transformative way with the aim to improve health and societal participation for all. We strive for:

  • Life-long health, from pre-birth to end of life
  • Socio-economic equality in health(care)
  • Prevention and early diagnostics to proactively maintain health
  • Individual-tailored precise medical treatment for all


Our mission can only be achieved through Convergence: the process of integrating knowledge, expertise and methodology from different domains to form novel frameworks to foster scientific discovery and innovation. Together, scholars in the life and (population) health sciences, physical sciences, social sciences and humanities, economic sciences and design & engineering will (i) discover, develop and implement novel technologies and concepts to understand health and disease and to promote health and societal participation, (ii) develop and introduce new diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic options optimized for personalized cure and care, and (iii) design and implement the future value-based healthcare system.

Convergence principles

Our convergence approach is built on three key defining principles.

1. A holistic and life course approach to health and healthcare

Individual health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, shaped by multiple genetic factors and environmental exposures, including lifestyle and societal context.

2. Integrative approach to health and healthcare innovation

To innovate from bench to bedside, and population and back in an iterative development cycle with synergistic, continuous interaction between biomedical researchers, engineers, social scientists, clinicians, patient and their
families, communities and societal stakeholders

3. Responsible innovation

Take into account the end-user perspective, ethical considerations and addressing both the positive and the negative effects of innovation.