Contact and Information

This page contains practical information for Convergence Health & Technology researchers and stakeholders.

Front Office

The Front Office is the first point of contact for all interested parties and stakeholders within Convergence Health and Technology. We are responsible for the administrative, support, and procedural tasks of the research programs.

For Convergence-related questions, you can contact us. This webpage lists practical information for researchers within Convergence Health and Technology. Surf there if you want information about:

  • The Flagship programs and funding criteria.
  • The Sustainable Health programs.
  • Communication guidelines, presentation templates, logo sets and our corporate identity.

I have another question.

If you have a different question, please email us at We try to answer as soon and completely as possible. Keep in mind that an answer may take a while longer for budget questions or where other experts are needed.

Real science happens at the coffee counter.

Convergence Square

To facilitate converging conversations between the three institutions, we created the Convergence Square (which is actually rectangular). We offer workspaces and an event space that can be booked daily for an ongoing project.

In short, the Convergence Square offers:

  • Lobby for organizing events (capacity: 30 – 40 people)
  • Workstations (capacity: 2 – 4 people)
  • Larger spaces perfect for brainstorming sessions or small-scale workshops (capacity: 4 – 8 people)

Would you like to reserve the Convergence Square?

Then, send an Outlook invitation to In the invitation, please mention the number of people and the subject of the meeting.

The text continues below the photo gallery, here you will also find directions.

So, no permanent spaces on the square?

That’s right! To encourage the development of convergence, we would like to keep the available space flexible. Therefore, we offer space for temporary projects. Be sure to contact us for more details. See the floor plan below.


Erasmus MC

Dr. Molenwaterplein 40 Main entrance.

Convergence Square

Building Ba 4th floor, room Ba432.

You will find the reception desk at the main entrance of Erasmus MC. Walk left past the reception into the parking garage and follow the blue/white path on the ground towards the Ba building, this is indicated by the small yellow signs on the ceiling. Once inside the Ba Building, follow the signs for the Convergence Square. Take the stairs or elevator to the fourth floor. Coming from the stairs, the Convergence Square is on the right and coming from the elevator on the left.


Please feel free to contact us.